Saturday, March 13, 2010

Milano's busy weekend...Cal-Ed, mall and GRC Crab Feed

Milano had a very busy weekend with me! It started on Friday when we went to the Sheraton downtown to help set up for Cal-Ed, a conference for teachers of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in California. Milano was awesome, hanging out as I helped set up rooms and tables. She was happy to walk with me around the hotel, hang out under and table or anything else that I asked her to do. She was perfect during a workshop that I sat in and overall was very comfortable with the conference and people around the hotel. After Cal-Ed I went to the Roseville Galleria to see a friend after he shaved his head for donations for cancer research, for more information check out his site! The mall was very busy and Milano was a little stressed by the amount of people, but it was a stressful environment and she handled it well. After the mall we went to the GRC's Crab Feed to sell raffle tickets. Milano was great again :)

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  1. Hi, my name is Daryn Violet and I am currently raising Maura, Milano's sister! Milano looks great, and I am jealous that his turn-in is not until August, as Maura has 24 days left with me :( Keep up the good work! I love the pictures!

    Daryn Violet